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 Learning should not end in the classroom. This is why we encourage our students to work on their English independently, for example using our website. Its English version will contain interesting stuff for anybody who wants to learn or brush up on this language. Additionally, students of our school can log on the website and find great material for self-study there. It also contains links to English websites which offer educational resources on-line. One can learn English without leaving the house.
However, if you want to learn English even more efficiently, meet new people, and visit new places, then language trips to the UK are for you.

You may choose:
1)Tourist and language-learning trips during which you visit new places and get to know the British culture while living with English families or in the hotels. Either way, you meet new people and have to use English. Moreover, you may decide yourself where do you want to go and what do you want to see, but if you do not have any ideas, we can help you plan your trip.
2) Language trips during which you learn English in a language school in Great Britain. We highly recommend the following language schools:

1. Discovery Summer, London
2. Victoria School of English, London
3. Oxford House, Wheatley, Oxford
4. Cambridge Academy of English, Cambridge

Our students had an opportunity to attend English courses in all of them. 
We will be glad to help you with all the formalities, such as enrolment on a course, finding accommodation with British families or in the hotels etc, absolutely for free. All you have to do is contact us, decide on a date of the trip, give us the necessary personal details, and we will organise everything for you.
Should you want to choose other school in London, Oxford or Cambridge, or opt for other town or city altogether, on our website you can find a link with Quality English schools in Great Britain

Language trips to Discovery Summer
Our school is an agency of Discovery Summer, English language school in London. Students may enrol on one-to-one or family courses, as well as (being young enough) join the language camps for children and teenagers in four different parts of Great Britain.
1. Family London - English course in Discovery Summer school in London. The course was designed for families with children over five years but virtually anybody may join in. The school is situated in the centre of London, Kensington. The courses are run during summer holidays. Classes, conducted by qualified English teachers, start at 9 a.m. and finish at 1 p.m. Each family member is directed to a different group, according to their language level. Once the classes have finished, families reunite and spend time together in London. They are accommodated with the British families about half an hour away form school (when using the tube) or in the hotels in the vicinity of the school. If you are interested in an intensive course for your child, Discovery Summer offers a course in Marymount, 12 kilometres away from Kensington. A private bus picks the children up at 8:30 a.m. and brings them back at 6 p.m.
2. Language camps combine learning the language with other activities, such as sport, art etc. For example, the camp English+Multi-Activity in Radley Colledge, 8 kilometres away from Oxford, offers to teenagers 13–16 years old 22.5 hours of English lessons per week and, additionally, sports activities such as riding horses, playing golf, tennis, squash or football, visiting a swimming pool etc. There are also classes devoted to art and craft, film, the Internet etc. Furthermore, trips to Oxford, London, Bath and Stratford upon Avon are organized. Before the camps are dismissed, the participants may take an oral performance examination to find out if any improvement took place. The camps are run by qualified English teachers and instructors. There is one person of the staff  per five participants so the children are safe. The camps attract teenagers from over 50 countries, also from Great Britain itself. However, British youngsters do not attend the language classes but they do help teach others English as all the teenagers spend a lot of time together.
For more information about this camp and about Academic English in Uppingham, The Discovery Experience in Winchester and Sports/Dance Academy+English in Shrewsbury camps click on the links at the left side of our website or contact our school.

Information, prices, enrolment
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