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Do you want to learn English quickly and without much effort? And maybe you do not have much time to spare but still want to learn the language? Do not look any further. In our school we offer a broad range of courses so you can find one that meets all your needs.

If you like to work with other people, our group courses are for you. You can learn English in a group of 2-8. If you prefer to work individually or do not have much spare time, you can choose one-to-one classes.

Have you decided which of these two forms suits you best? Now you may choose a course that satisfies your needs.

We offer:

1. General Courses. Students learn both, every-day and formal English, so that they can communicate effectively in speech and writing. They work on all the language skills with the main focus on speaking, listening comprehension and writing skills (they learn how to write letters, e-mails, leaflets and brochures, CVs, letters of application and such).

2. Examination Courses. These courses prepare students for various exams, such as compulsory school exams (the English exams at the end of primary school and lower secondary school, Matura examination) or Cambridge examinations (FCE, CAE, CPE). Students not only develop their language skills but also learn the basic examination strategies. Before they decide to sit a given examination we organise for them a mock exam so that they can find out if they feel ready and well-prepared.

3. Practical English Workshops. Designed for students who have some knowledge of English and want to put it into practice. The main focus is on developing their practical language skills. They learn how to communicate in real-life situations by acting out various scenarios (role-play), for example at work, in the bank, in a shop, in a restaurant, at the airport etc. Moreover, we also help them translate different texts, teach them how to write a CV, how to prepare for a job interview etc.

4. Improve Your English. „Catch-up classes” for students who may have some problems at school or missed the regular course lesson and want to catch up with the group. Run in the form of workshops, these classes are tailored to students’ needs. These might be one-to-one classes or group lessons.

5. Build Your Skills. Language workshops for students who attend other English courses but want to develop their language skills further via additional practical exercises. Students work on their speaking skills, reading and listening comprehension, writing skills and use of English.

6. Pronunciation Courses. Although we strive to teach the correct pronunciation of the words during all our courses, we also offer courses with a sole focus on pronunciation. They were designed for students who are not satisfied with their pronunciation and want to work on it. Students get acquainted with the phonetic alphabet and do various practical exercises. As a result, they can learn the correct pronunciation while looking up a given word in a dictionary and they understand the English films and television and radio programs better.

7. Combined Courses. Students can choose one of the group courses and combine it with an additional one-to-one class

8. Summer Courses. These are intensive courses run during summer holidays. Students may choose courses that last for the whole summer break or attend shorter courses tailored to their needs. All they have to do is to make a call or write an e-mail and tell us what their needs are, so that we can prepare courses just for them. We also recommend the following summer courses:

a) Travel With English. This course prepares our students for their tourist or language trips abroad. They learn how to communicate in various situations. The focus of the course is not only on the language skills but also on the elements of culture of a chosen country. For example, if the students plan to go to London, we tell them how to use the tube, which places are worth visiting, how to reach their hotel from the airport, how to prepare for the classes in a language school, where to find cheap food, where to shop, where to buy tickets etc.
b) English On Line. Summer course for children and teenagers. We teach them how to learn English while using the Internet, radio or television. We show them English websites which constitute a great source of information about the English language and the culture of the English-speaking countries. This course is all about fun and differs from the standard English classes.
c) English Through Science Problems. Special course for students who want to work on specific vocabulary, for example vocabulary used in biology, geography, chemistry etc. It is very useful for children and teenagers who plan to attend schools where lessons are conducted in English.
d) English For My Job. Intensive course for students who plan to work abroad. They not only work on their language skills but also on the vocabulary of their profession.
e) Holiday House. Course for children who spend their summer break at home and want to do something exciting. They let us know about their hobbies so that they can develop their interests while learning English. Thus we take pictures, shoot films, turn into journalists, take part in various projects and then put anything we created into our website. At the end of the course every child gets a certificate.


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