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Established on 1 August 2000, Build Your Skills is a small language school that offers various English language courses. It is situated in Wejherowo, ul. Modra 3. We run classes for approximately 90 students in various sized groups or on an individual basis. The teaching is tailored to students’ needs and priorities. 


• general language courses at different levels
• FCE, CAE and CPE exams preparation courses 
• courses preparing for the English exam at the end of a lower secondary school (gimnazjum)
• Matura examination preparation courses 
• workshops on conversational skills, writing skills, correct pronunciation and listening and reading comprehension

We also organise special courses called Practical English during summer and winter school breaks. These workshops enable our students to carry on learning and develop their practical language skills further. 

In our school learning does not end in the classroom. The students are encouraged to work on their language skills independently via self-study. We help them in this and provide them with various every-day English language sources, e.g. our website. having logged on, the students can participate in language communication and share the knowledge about the culture of the English-speaking countries, the ways of learning English etc. Moreover, we help our students find accommodation with British families, should they plan tourist and language trips to London, Oxford, Cambridge, or Canterbury. 

We are also proud to be an agency of the English language school Discovery Summer in London which organizes language courses for adults and families with children over 5 years, as well as international language camps for children and teenagers in four different parts of England.

We sincerely believe that our courses and the effort we put in promoting the outside-the-classroom contact with the English language enhance the language skills. They also encourage better communication between different cultures, and deepen our knowledge and understanding.




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